the problem with good things happening is that when bad things happen or even if it isnt all that bad ur brain fucks you over and u start to expect good things but then stuff happens so if u excuse me im gonna jump off to go live in an unfeeling void peace y’all

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oh oops


Its only been six years yet im still butthurt about it…


this episode made me tear up a little. i love them so much.

ive done nothing but draw and listen to the mountain goats all day

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ok so i was watching the black friday trilogy and suddenly Henrietta shows up with a scarf? 

and so like how cute would it be if Michael made one for all the goth kids to wear

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5 things i like about me

my hair is blonde and also kinda long which i LOVE

my eyes are a pretty shade of brown

I am good with animals!!!!!!

I can draw ok!

Idk i think i have good fashion sense

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