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Daddy bong legs

Hi!!!! My name is Ember and I'm a gay dumb catgirl who likes gay dumb catgirl things.

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is this what pastel is idek 


| x |


| x |

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do you think parents feel the same way about the sex talk as we do when they ask us what an otp is

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excuse me sir but why does it need to vibrate


doing comics isn’t my thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ last panel inspired by a post! 

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made a mini comic for the creek fic ‘aisle 10’ by mandawrites!! craig and those guys are playing the never have i ever game in a pillow fort and clyde’s a dork lmao

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trying to draw something really embarrassing like


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People always talk about south park high school headcanons, but allow me to bring you some south park middle school headcanons

Stan has a wolf fursona and he bought that how to draw furries book so he just draws endless and endless copies of his wolf fursona in the same 3 poses

Kyle is a HUGE sjw however has not reached the point where he actually reserches things so he p much just talks about the things he sees on tumblr 

Cartman is a huge unapologectic brony. Hes constantly drawing rly disturbing pony grimdark art

Every night, to unwind from the stress of being Mysterion, Kenny sneaks into the computer lab, opens paint, and draws a dick on every single computer. Naturally everybody thinks its craig doing it but since the school has no idea they cant really PUNISH anybody and it becomes this natural expected thing

i need 2 go 2 bed but i  cant stop crying abut how much i love south park